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Volunteer for School Service Thailand

Sharing Happiness and Successes!!

    Led by Mr. Suwich, DivioTec joint our Thai partner, Digitalcom to refurbish the school in Ban Nong Wai Lao Khwan Dist., Kanchanaburi province, the largest of the western provinces (changwat) of Thailand. Most of the local residents in the area work in the field of agriculture. The area is also famous for its tourism industry for outdoor activity.

    The employees of Digitalcom and DivioTec joint together to volunteer in the activity which focuses on creating a more supportive educational environment for the school. The activity including, refreshing the campus, maintaining water system, watering and trimming trees and plants, rebuilding and painting the fences etc.
    The activity is focusing on tighten the connection between students, teacher and the community, also allowed the employees to share their happiness and success with the one in need.

    The participants not only from Digitalcom and DivioTec, also other partners who share the same value as spreading the joy toward the others such as Milestone and Axis from Denmark and Sweden. These participants donated funds to make this project happened.

    This event is aimed to improve the living environment of the people in need, also mentoring the employees of the company with the value of sharing happiness and success with others. By doing so, we believe that we could achieve a long-term and sustainable relationship with people and our environment.