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Elementary School Computer Donation Thailand

Knowledge is Power!!

    DivioTec cooperated with our Thai partner, Digitalcom, for the computer equipment donation project in remote local schools in Thailand. The rural school named “Bann Roaw Nakhon” is located in Surin Province, one of the northeastern provinces (changwat) of Thailand.   
    The vast majority of the province is rural and relatively poor. There is little industrial development with rice farming being the primary industry. Most of the people working as farmers, construction labors, silk weaving traders or elephant raiser and trainer. Surin is also known for its elephant festival and approximately 25% of all the elephants in the kingdom are raised in Surin.

Elephant Festival in Surin Province                             Rice farm is the main industry in Surin
    The school “Bann Roaw Nakhon” was established in 2010 and not until 2015 have them got the first computer equipment for educational purpose supporting by DivioTec and Digitalcom.

The local school “Bann Roaw Nakhon”              New computer devices in the class room
    In order to fulfill the core value of CSR project, sharing happiness and success, that is co-hold by DivioTec and Digitalcom. The donation is meant to enforce the education resource for the local community and educational institution.     With these brand-new computer equipment, the students and teachers in the school would have more chances to get in touch with the technology world and therefore broaden the horizon and knowledge through the Internet.

Digitalcom CEO, Mr. Suwich with the headmaster, 2015-08     Students using new computers for courses
    We will be moving on to stage two for another halfway house for boys in 2016. The Pakkred Reception Home for Boys, named “Bann Poom Vat”, is located in Nonthaburi Province, one of the central provinces (changwat) of Thailand.

The Pakkred Reception Home for Boys “Bann Poom Vat”
    The Computers should help the boys in the reception home to strengthen the skills of managing technology devices and allow them to receive more educational information worldwide.

The Dining room of Pakkred Reception Home for Boys