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Koru School Surveillance Donation New Zealand

Bullying Surveillance Among Youths!!

    2015, Sep., DivioTec worked with our partner in New Zealand, ChannelTen, to donate surveillance equipment to a primary school named “Koru school” in Auckland, New Zealand. The school is mentoring the idea of "Be a Buddy Not a Bully" to enforce the connection between students and the community.


    In order to prevent the school bullying and ensure the safety of the students in the campus. ChannelTen has posted a donation event to improve the campus environment for the school crew. The donation including total solution for the surveillance system around the school environment such as IP cameras, NVR and video recording/managing system etc..


    Trying to create a safer and more supportive learning and teaching environments for Koru school, DivioTec was honored by being invited to become one of the sponsors to support the anti-bullying surveillance project in Koru school in Auckland, New Zealand.