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Milestone XProtect® Supports DivioTec H.265

Milestone XProtect® Supports DivioTec H.265
DivioTec Essential Series introduces H.265 support for Milestone XProtect® R2. H.265 is a video compression standard that is more efficient than traditional H.264. This increased efficiency translates into concrete savings for all DivioTec customers, including savings on network infrastructure, video storage costs and hardware costs, the latter due to the fact that customers can run more cameras per Milestone XProtect recording server.
H.265 Reduce total cost of ownership
Our partners can offer a more cost competitive solution when they use DivioTec and Milestone together. Users can be confident that the installations can be efficiently handled with the latest, high-resolution camera technology.
Better Image Quality for Less Bandwidth
DivioTec offer H.265 and SDS Plus(Smart Dynamic Streaming) for bandwidth saving. It can save up to 60% bandwidth together. The rising demands for high quality video will not have to mean a higher TCO for the installation.
Current support model includes Essential Series NBR123P, NDR153P, NBR125C with firmware Cam16D_DV0013 or above.
For the firmware update, please see the download link here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1shCuusDGPcQmVxSGxHUjgzb2M/view?usp=sharing