DivioTec Watches over the 5-star Boutique Hotel in Croatia


     Located on Island Losinj, Croatia, where tourists enjoy the thoroughly relaxing view of Adriatic sea, is Alhambra, a 5-star Boutique Hotel. In the beginning of 2015, this beautiful establishment was looking for a reliable network video surveillance system with an elegant design to secure their premises. Because the hotel is pretty close to the sea, an anti-corrosion feature is a must have for outdoor application. 
     Network video recorder, SRA213-032, and network camera, NDF341-028, NDR352P, were selected by DivioTec’s partner in Croatia, Absolute d.o.o., for protecting the luxurious hotel day and night. At the back end, the Linux-based 32 channel NVR is the key to ensure the reliability of the whole system. Compared to the Windows-based, for example, there is no virus issue, and it does not require the user to reboot it. What’s more, DivioTec’s Linux-based NVR has been applied to numerous government projects worldwide for its impressively low RMA rate.


     At the front end of the system, outdoor camera, NDR352P, with anti-corrosion powder coating caught the hotel administrator’s attention immediately. In places near the sea, cameras are exposed to salty air and can be damaged easily, so the special coating is crucial to the reliability of the camera. In addition to the coating, there are other advanced features, such as IK10 vandal proof, IP67 weather proof, sturdy camera body from aluminum die casting, Extreme WDR with multi shutters, P-iris 3X motorized lens made in Japan, etc.
     The easy-to-install, recessed-in-ceiling mini dome camera with 2.8 mm lens, NDF341-028, is perfect for the application in such large and high-class hotel. The installer can reduce the installation time by pushing up the 2 wings with spring into the ceiling, and then placing the cover with magnets over the camera. Furthermore, the mini dome camera is almost unnoticeable, so the splendid interior design will not be affected, and the tourists will not feel that they are being monitored.


Product Features: 

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