Diviotec Secure Top 1 Hard Disk Manufacture: Seagate Factory Base

Diviotec Secure Top 1 Hard Disk Manufacture: Seagate Factory Base

In 2015, Seagate Technology, Top 1 in hard disk drives manufacturer, invest 15.3-billion-baht to expanded the Thailand Korat plant, contributing over 40% company revenue every year. In2018, tight security is needed over newly built 237,856 square meters wide plant with 18,500 staff. To ensure the highest production stander, Diviotec provide the corresponding high video quality SmartCam NBR525P to ensure detailed surveillance and tangible response over the entire plant.

5 Mega-Pixel Clear Zoom Details Cover Wide Range in Any Lighting Condition
Diviotec exploits SmartCam 5-Mega Pixel High Resolution NBR525P to cover wide-range area with remarkable zoom details, saving multiple camera cost. Also, Light Solver Engine ll overcomes difficult-contrast bright entrance, low light raining day, or over-spread headlight beam to secure tight in any lighting condition. With Camera-Embedded Video Analysis, NBR525P instant react to any attempts of unauthorized entry with no extra workstation load. The camera triggers alarm and initiate recording on Milestone VMS if detect events in private area. It also send alarm to security staff with video recording, and trigger loud speaker to paly pre-record audio file for warning action.

Rugged Casing Resist Any Weather or Vandalism
IK10 vandal proof, IP66 weather proof, Anti-Corrosive Powder Coating, and Anti-UV Sunshield with Raid-Guard Design protect camera in any weather and vandalism. Result Diviotec NBR525P offers high quality visual management of both the inside and outside of the plant, ensuringthe operation function smooth under high-stander surveillance.

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