Industry 4.0: DivioTec AIoT Upgrades Copper Wire Factory Productivity

Industry 4.0: DivioTec AIoT Upgrades Copper Wire Factory Productivity

Walsin Lihwa is a leading manufacturer of bare copper wire, wire and cable based in Taiwan. It’s 2018 consolidated revenue exceeds $6 billion, and the company has more than 5,000 employees around the world. In order to maintain it’s world class quality and deliver continuous improvements in production line, it is important to monitor the copper pipe because copper condensation will cause inconsistent wire quality. DivioTec helps Walsin Lihwa to customize smart video analysis solution through AIoT machine learning to help maintain copper wire quality.

Customized Software With In-House Developed Video Analysis & Image Processing Algorithms
DivioTec value add to Walsin Lihwa factory by customization software with our image processing algorithms. We help extract insights from visual data and helps makes Walsin Lihwa working environments smarter, safer, more effective and more secure by customizing pipe detection software through machine learning. In the tradition solution, the factory hires specialists to watch computer screens around the clock to monitor if there is a process disruption or pipe condensation incident. By implementing DivioTec customized AIoT solution, it will recognize and alert in real time to the production line worker and remind immediate response. Our customized detection software is also integrated with Milestone VMS alarm system. User can easy search the alarm history based on pre-defined alarm categories.

Integrated With Milestone VMS Recording & Event Alarm
DivioTec AIoT cameras detect deviations and pipe condensation on the production line. Our cameras transfer complicated factory background into high contrast video, it can help increase the detection accuracy. Furthermore, it opens multi-parameters, captures fast movement and monitor far distance up to 50M. This technology automates quality control processes and can be even more precise than the human eye. DivioTec leverages process-based machine learning to deliver continuous improvements in production line processes – translating to an increase in production profitability.

Stable Industrial Hardwares Empower Factory Automation
Our industrial grade computer operates in harsh environment with aluminum metal chassis and fan-less design. It supports Intel® Gen 6th Core™ i7-6700TE, Quad Core, 2.4GHz, 1x2.5 HDD(SATA3.0) for recording and data management, 1x128GB SATA(3.0) DOM for software APPs, LTE/WIFI module (mini-PCIe slot) and so on. Our AIoT Sensor Camera also helps factory automation with the support of high contrast video and multi-parameters configuration. It capture moving object at 200Km/H and capture range up to 50M distance (12-40mm motorized lens). DivioTec provides an stable platform to make Industrial automation smart, predictive and self-correcting.

DivioTec customization AIoT solution enables production line teams to continually prevent production line inefficiencies. It also improves production quality and factory safety.

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