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DivioTec Launches LPR Intelligent Traffic Solution in Thailand

DivioTec Launches LPR Intelligent Traffic Solution in Thailand

DivioTec Inc., along with Digitalcom Co., Ltd, one of the largest security distributors in Southeast Asia, held a grand event on June 16th, 2018 in Bangkok to demonstrate cutting edge ITS smart city solutions at Digitalcom 2018 Solution Day. The sessions incorporated live demo to demonstrate the integrated end-to-end ITS(intelligent traffic solution)technologies including automatic paring lot, highway speed detection, police car mobile recognition, red light violation, container ID recognition and so on.  
Make Your City A Smarter Place!
DivioTec new ITS(Intelligence Traffic Solution) helps cities fulfil their promise of creating a safer, more mobile everyday environment. Whether deterring crime or traffic incident, DivioTec cameras are open platform that support the entire incident management chain. DivioTec offer professional traffic camera and is the first to design SmartCatch™ SoC. Our cameras incorporate LPR mode and Overview mode into one camera. With LPR mode, the camera is able to isolate high contrast license plate numbers from the moving vehicles to improved accuracy for LPR and ALPR solutions with consistently crisp, clear images of vehicle license plate characters. It features a weather-proof (IP67) sun-shield housing for outdoor use, and is also able to work in environments with temperatures from as low as -20C~60C/-40F~140oF. 
5MP H.265 LPR Camera with 12-40mm Motorized Lens
The TBR923 is a 5MP H.265 IP LPR camera engineered for long-range traffic surveillance, ranging from access control to high-speed monitoring up to 200km/h. The 12-40mm motorized lens enables long range surveillance. It captures the license plate in real time, compares or adds it to a pre-defined list and then takes appropriate action such as generating an alert. The DivioTec TBR923 has outstanding 5 megapixel resolution which is ideal for highway and city application. By providing detailed, high-quality video in even the most difficult conditions, authority optimize situational awareness and operational efficiency. 

Manage Traffic and Parking Needs More Effectively
Our end-to-end ITS solution provides a safer environment in hundreds of roads, streets, tunnels and bridges around the world. DivioTec is a leader in traffic solution.
We provides crucial know-how about LPR setup and local adjusting. With more then 20 years of experience, DivioTec offers including:
   ·   Automatic Parking Lot Solution
   ·   Speed Detection Solution
   ·   Red Light Violation Solution
   ·   MMC(Make Model Color) Recognition
   ·   Container ID Recognition
   ·   Police Car Patrol Solution  
   ·   City Surveillance Solution
The solution provides traffic data to cities and highways for better planning and road user real time information, thus contributing to a better mobility. 
At DivioTec, we take pride in creating success and happiness with our partners, while ensuring a safe and secure world for our customers.
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