Our Core Technologies

  •      Our team includes: R&D, manufacturing, quality management, and filed of application engineering professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the industry all over the world, such as USA, Japan, Israel, Taiwan, and Thailand. We make good use of local strengths and resources to provide the best products and services to our gobal partners.
  •      Our core technologies are:Our newly developed "LightSolver”—which resolves lighting issues common in our living environment, including low light, excessive contrast, bright streetlights, and vehicle headlights—is just one example. By deploying the technology to overcome the limitations of the human eye on the frontend, DivioTec ensures that you miss nothing on the backend.
  •      For optical lens, which is made in Japan, we specialized in IR-corrected lens for day/night applications, auto motorized zoom controller and focus technologies since 2004. We adhere strictly to Japanese technical expertise and quality standard, and continually strive to challenge limitations in optical design and set the bar higher for a difference you can actually sense.
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