Why Diviotec?

  1. With more then 20 years of experience in video surveillance industry, DivioTec offers a wide selection of products in order to meet the requirements of each customers.
  2. DivioTec offers professional consulting services and marketing supports to help you achieve success in local markets.
  3. DivioTec offers 5 year warranty for industrial Wi-Fi Mesh AP; 3 year warranty for cameras, NVR, PoE; 2 year warranty for Wi-Fi point-to-point AP.
  4. DivioTec owns various certifications that can meet the reauirements of local governments and different kinds of projects: CE, FCC, EN50155, E13, IK10, IP67, etc.
  5. DivioTec's core technology "LightSolver" helps you solve all lighting issues 24/7, such as low light, excessive contrast of light, bright streetlight, and so on.