Brand Story

  •     DivioTec is an exciting new brand focused exclusively on the design and manufacture of security and surveillance products. 
    The DivioTec team includes R&D, manufacturing, quality management, and application engineering professionals with more 
    than 20 years of experience in the industry.    Alhough “security” seems like a simple objective, achieving it requires consideration 
    of a myriad of factors and expertise in multiple fields. Our core competency is integrating these diverse fields of knowledge to 
    deliver optimized solutions. 
  •    DivioTec aims to comprehensively meet your security needs in the simplest manner possible. Our product line can be adapted 
    to limited budgets, while retaining the flexibility for future expansions. We have pared away the engineering excesses too 
    common in our field to offer straightforward, highly functional solutions to everyday needs. Delivering this kind of fundamental 
    security requires advanced technology. Our newly developed Lighting Solver”—which resolves lighting issues common in our 
    living environment, including low light, excessive contrast, bright streetlights, and vehicle headlights—is just one example. 
    By deploying the technology to overcome the limitations of the human eye on the frontend, DivioTec ensures that you miss 
    nothing on the backend. 
  •      DivioTec’s aim is to transcend the capabilities of the human eye and deliver an entirely new field of view. Our integrative 
    skills and 20 years of industry experience are constantly driving new innovations, while our simple, easy-to-use interfaces 
    and rock-solid security hardware are rapidly earning the respect and confidence of our clients. We also make a point of 
    listening carefully to our customers’ needs, applying what we learn to developing outstanding new products and a 
    culture of exceptional service. At DivioTec, our experience is your protection.