Venice Automatic Parking Lot Runs On DivioTec LPR


Integrated DivioTec LPR Camera, Software, LED Display For Automatic Parking
License Plate Recognition (LPR) is one of the most challenging applications for surveillance cameras. Recently DivioTec has completed an automatic private parking lot project with our solution partner Elimos in Venice Italy, a beautiful and romantic city. In this project, we select TDR751 dome LPR camera for short installation distance and Elimos Rita system. Rita is a powerful LPR software which integrated DivioTec LPR product line and multiple access control products to deliver total automatic LPR solution. TDR751 delivers the clear video necessary for LPR applications to ensure that crisp images of license plates can be captured even if a vehicle is moving.

Solution Overview

The TDR751 was chosen for monitoring incoming and outgoing vehicles in outdoor location. The camera IP67, IK10, powder coating housing means its sensitive internals are protected from harsh environment. The rain-wash coating also provide clear image even in rainy Venice. The built-in IR-cut filter and 25m IR illuminators enable the TDR751 to provide high quality video day or night.

Rita Software Integrated IP Camera, Display LED Board
After the camera recognize the car plate, the number will be displayed on LED board. The camera's Wide Dynamic Range technology enables it to handle even the most challenging light conditions—when both brightly and poorly lit areas are present in the field of view, such as at sunrise or sunset, or when strong artificial light is present. Last but not least, DivioTec SmartCatch extract clear car plate for easier recognition.

Product Information: TDR751 
· SmartCatch SoC
· LPR mode & Overview mode
· Vehicle speed 0-100 km/h (0-62 m/h)
· Two value converter 
· 1/3” Progressive Scan CMOS Sensor
· 3-Megapixel  Resolution @ 30 fps, Full HD 1080P Resolution @60 fps
· 3-10mm Motorized Lens, F1.4, Advanced P-Iris
· 3-Axis Rotation
· IR Illuminator: 25M (82ft) IR Distance, Smart IR+
· Extreme Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) with 2 Shutters
· Hard Coated Dome Cover
· Anti-Corrosion Powder Coating
· IK10 Vandal Resistant, IP67 Weatherproof
· Extreme Weather -40C~60C ( -40F~140F)

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