License Plate Recognition Secures Car Wash Chain in Israel

License Plate Recognition Secures Car Wash Chain in Israel

DivioTec offer LPR(License Plate Recognition) solution to Israel car wash company. With Israel local solution partner, the systems work thanks to high definition cameras, SmartCatch™ SoC, and sophisticated managing software tied into the wash’s member database. Tested compatible with multiple main-brand LPR system, DivioTec LPR camera increase 30% recognition rate.
Automatic System Reduce Labor Cost
License plate recognition (LPR) offers advantages over traditional entrance ticketing system while allowing greater and more sophisticated automation at the entrance queue.
For a specific time-period, whether the number of visitors to the car-wash rises significantly, or there were no clients at all. Reports can be run simply though system. With this information, you can control the balance between your income and your staff costs for operating the car wash at specific periods. Furthermore, plate and customer information is retained in the database for easy maintenance in the future.
Online Time-Period Visitor Report 
DivioTec LPR camera, TBR722, capture the clear image of fast moving vehicles smoothly outside of the car wash entrance. The reflective car plates are clearly and accurately captured by TBR722. The camera IP67, IK10, powder coating housing means its sensitive internals are protected from harsh environment. The rain-wash coating also provide clear image even in rainy Venice. The built-in IR-cut filter and 50m IR illuminators enable the TBR722 to provide high quality video day or night. 
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