Solution Overview
As a leading solution provider in video surveillance industry, DivioTec can help you handle various cases in different vertical markets. In addition to transportation solutions, we have also phased in Wi-Fi video surveillance solution in 2014 in order to fulfill the demand of the customers. 
DivioTec provides systems that can be applied to train, metro, bus, armored car, big city, mining company, seaport, etc. For transportation solutions, we offer products that are EN50155, IK10, IP67, CE, FCC certified. As for the Wi-Fi video surveillance solution, the access point can do minimum 10 hops, carrying 70 pieces of full HD cameras without jitter and covering more than 1600 km2. The access point can also achieve 0 packet loss every hop with latency maintained at 1ms. That is to say, DivioTec can offer you reliable products and help you handle big size of projects, such as city surveillance or seaport surveillance. 
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