SmartCatch ll™ SoC
a powerful micro -computing chipset in camera, delivers high-contrast car plates and clear overviews to improve LPR/ANPR software recognition  accuracy. SmartCatch ll™ SoC enhanced with:     
      ▶ Increase Accuracy
▶ Upgrade Video Quality
▶ Overcome Challenging Lighting Condition
▶ Easy Setting
▶ Extreme Weather Durability
SmartCatch ll™ SoC ensures us a safe and smart city with Diviotec over 20-year industry experience. It can be applied in in parking lot, highway, toll station, city surveillance, and smart city infrastructure. Read more in Applications and Demo Video or bowse Dicviotec LPR/ANPR Network Camera Product Line and Diviotec  global LPR/ANPR Software Partners for LPR/ANPR software

High Contrast Improve Accuracy
SmartCatch ll™ SoC LPR Mode isolates number plate and filters out the complicated background at night time, providing easy recognizable images for software analysis.

Easy Recognizable Black and White Image.
Diviotec Two Value Converter converts the images  to black and white to increase the recognition rate for LPR software. It turns dark area into black and grey area into white to highlighted the alphanumeric characters from  the background.
Overcome 24 Hour Different  Lighting Condition
DivioTec Profile Management function provides 10 independent user-defined camera profile setting. It allows flexible  camera profile schedule to meet 24/7 variation in lighting condition and capture clear license plates at all time.



Illumination for All Car Plates
Diviotec offers infrared and white LED option illuminations to meet the demand of capturing clear license plates in all environments and car plate types. For example,on non-reflective and 
hybrid plates senarios, we recommend white LED illumination option. 

Support up to 200 km/h Speed
DivioTec LPR/ANPR network camera is designed  to capture clear car plates on moving vehicle at up to 200 km/h (124 mile/h) speed. It is ideal for highway and city surveillance application.


High Visibility in Foggy Scenes
The defog technology enables the camera to cut through deep fog, dust, and smoke to recover  color images from foggy video stream. The more  qualified images greatly enhance the plate  recognition accuracy.

High Accuracy in Rainy Condition
DivioTec LPR/ANPR network camera ensures crisp and clear images even in heavy rain. 


5 Megapixel High Resolution
With 5MP high-definition resolution, DivioTec LPR/ ANPR camera captures multiple lanes images in accurate and precise details.


Bitrate and Storage Saving
With DivioTec H.265 and SDS Plus (Smart  Dynamic  Streaming), a significant reduction  in file size and bitrate can be achieved with little or no adverse effect on the visual quality. 

Overcome Low Light Condition 
DivioTec LPR/ANPR network camera captures  crisp  details with remarkable clarity and low noise in almost pitch-black night-time starlight.



Overcome High-beam Headlight
The headlight suppression technology  enables  the  camera to suppress oncoming high-beam headlights to capture clear images for license plate recognition.


Overcome IR Beam Angle Imbalance
Conventional Static IR LED causes imbalance  IR  lighting due to the difference between the pre-set IR beam angle and FOV. DivioTec Zoom Adaptive IR dynamically adjusts the IR beam along with FOV to provide the most effective illumination  over the entire imaging area.    

User-defined Illumination Intensity
Users can manually adjust the infrared and white  LED illumination intensity to avoid  overexposure  and  improve energy efficiency.


Embedded Alarm Input Output
Diviotec cameras are embedded with alarm input and output ports. It can be used to trigger local parking devices and sensors to fit difficult installation requirements.



Easy Remote Set Up Lens
DivioTec Remote Zoom Lens Adjustment allows  remote control of focus and zoom functions through the web interface. It significantly reduces the installation workload and danger. 


User-defined Day/Night Switch Illumination  Threshold 
Conventional camera Day/ Night switch is adjusted by time scheduling. However, the day     to day  sunset/ sunrise time can be different.  DivioTec LPR/ANPR  network camera allows users to adjust day/night switch based on user-defined illumination threshold.


Measure Precise Plate Pixel
DivioTec built-in Pixel Counter enables users to  measure the car plate size with a click of drag-and-drop box in camera’s live view. It allows users to quick meet LPR/ANPR software recognition  requirements when setting up the camera.


One-Click Smart Camera Setting
With four preset modes with optimized configuration in accordance with different car  speed and traffic settings, DivioTec One-Click  Smart Camera Setting  helps installers easily set  up the camera and achieve the best capture  result in commonly used scenarios including: city surveillance, parking lot, toll station,  and highway.



Extreme Weather Condition
DivioTec LPR/ANPR network camera is of  industrial grade. It is designed to withstand  extreme weather condition, functioning from -40°C to 60 °C (-40°F to 140°F ).


Water & Vandal Proof​
To protect the camera against harsh outdoor environment, the camera is encased in weather-proof IP67-rated housing. It makes the camera impervious to rain and dust. The robustness is also further strengthened by the adoption of rugged IK10 design housing.

Anti-UV Rain-guard Sunshield
DivioTec Anti-UV Sunshield protects lens from direct sunlight.The Raid-Guard Design also protects the 
camera lens from raindrops that can distort images.

With Aluminum Die Casting and Anti-Corrosion Powder Coating, DivioTec LPR/ANPR network camera 
resist corrosion in highly corrosive marine or acid rain enviroments.

DivioTec has invested significant resources and time and to develop superior license plate recognition solutions with numerous software   partners  around  the  world.  Our LPR Software Partners consists of vendors specializing in OCR and intelligent traffic management system that have properly tested compatible with DivioTe c cameras and features. DivioTec LPR solution supports over 100 countries, states and regions around the world and our partnerships are the driving force behind our success.
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