Police Car Solution 
DivioTec in-vehicle police car surveillance system has not only helped to reduce the costs for incident responses. It has also given officers an efficient tool to prevent crime and to investigate various incidents on board. To increase the quality of police service, the Thailand police equipped their vehicles with DivioTec solution as an integral element of the monitoring system. DivioTec provides the police officers with suspicious vehicles GPS, license plate information as well as high megapixel video from the vehicle’s surroundings. 
Supports up to 3 Countries 4G LTE Signal 

DivioTec NRM302 is on-board fan-less PC with Intel® Core™ processor dual core i5/i7.  It supports 2 x 2.5" hot-swappable HDD, 4G VTK-LTE, WiFi 802.11b/g/n, anti-vibration, up to 3 countries 4G LTE signal, and power ignition functions. It is designed to meet requirements of a stationary or mobile surveillance system, and is capable of not only video recording but also high-end video analytics. NRM302 i7 duel-core processor offers extraordinary computing power for performing complicated video analytics algorithms (e.g. face detection, license place recognition). Thismakes NRM302 a strong versatile surveillance system combining, IP on-board hardware and advanced video analytics software.

Automatic License Plate Recognition 
With Integrated License Plate Recognition, the police can track the criminals on the road by using mobile LPR system inside the police car automatically capturing and matching the car license plates with the registered ones in the government vehicle database. It could also help to locate the stolen cars on the streets. Also, 
NRM302 Power Ignition detect the voltage level from the vehicle power source and controll the computer’s power function. This feature detects the ignition signal status and allows users to control the on/off delay time. True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology delivers the highest quality video evidence in the lowest quality recording conditions. Bright areas aren’t over-exposed and darker areas don’t turn black. 

Auto SOS Alarm
GPS Dead Reckoning Navigation with Gyro sensor to provide 100% coverage with continuous position fixes even in tunnels still working well. 3-axis accelerometer  G-sensor provides Auto SOS for driving safety and recording Driver behavior. GPS Antenna can be supported auto detection.

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