• People Counting Solution 

Optimize Staffing Schedules And Daily Operations
Today, access to detailed, real-time insights about customer behavior is a core competitive advantage in many industries. DivioTec video-based people counting offers retailers and other service industries a way to capture and analyze customer data information. DivioTec private-cloud based people counting solution is a reliable and cost-efficient way to measure the number of customers or visitors. This information enable store and marketing manager to evaluate and improve marketing and promotional activities, optimize staffing schedules and daily operations.

• Private cloud secure information
• Big data structure
• No annual / monthly charge
• Four formats analysis reports
• High accuracy rate
• Multiple language interface

People Counting Structure

Why People Counting? 

Spanning a wide range of industries and niche venues, DivioTec people counting solutions offer a deep array of metrics to better allocate your resources:

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