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360° Panoramic Network Camera

A four 5MP/8MP sensors deliver an impressive 20 MP/32 MP overall resolution. The flexible lens positioning options allow one of the four cameras to point straight down, eliminating blind spots. And because you can remotely position all four multi-sensor cameras in minutes--right from your desk-you’re not dependent on an electrician just to reposition a camera.

Pan, Tilt & Zoom Network Camera

It ideal for surveillance at seaport, airports, train stations, arenas and any city-surveillance scenario – wherever you need fast and precise, round-the-clock pan/tilt/zoom operation. And with IP67, IK10 ratings, remote clean rain drop and deicing features and operation in -40 °C ( -40°F) and up to 60 °C (140 °F). The camera housing is resistant to both harsh weather conditions and impacts.

LPR/ANPR Network Camera

LPR/ANPR Series provides a full range of network cameras dedicated to a variety of traffic applications. The LPR/ANPR cameras series is able to isolate high-contrast license plate numbers from the moving vehicles to increase recognition accuracy. The onboard/Railway series is able to capture clear image under extreme shock and vibration, rapidly shifting light conditions.

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SmartCatch SoC

SmartCatch ll™ SoC ensures us a safe and smart city. With camera LPR Mode, it isolates number plate and filters out the complicated background at night time, providing easy recognizable images for software analysis and increase LPR/ANPR software accuracy. It can be applied in in parking lot, highway, toll station, city surveillance, and smart city infrastructure.

Police Car Solution

Reduce the time for incident responses, and give police officers an efficient tool to prevent crime and investigate incidents on board. With DivioTec industrial-grade on-board fan-less computer and vibration-proof IP67 camera, we provides the police officers with correct data as well as high megapixel video from the vehicle’s surroundings to reduce the crime rate.

Maritime Automation Solution

Innovative automation solutions for terminal operation application. With special capturing hardware devices that withstand harsh seaport environment, our solutions can be deployed in Ports & Terminals (STS and yard cranes, gates) as well as Logistics sites such as warehouses, distribution centers and truck-parking facilities.

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Milestone Systems Certified DivioTec as Official Marketplace Partners
DivioTec is pleased to announce that Milestone Systems has certified DivioTec as an official partner on the Milestone Marketplace program. DivioTec new fisheye plug-in, DivioView, is designed to seamlessly operate fisheye cameras on the XProtect client, enabling the Milestone Smart Client to directly display the dewarped video images and manually drag the region of interest for viewing in real-time.
Latvia Hilton Hotel Branch Parking Empowered by DivioTec Frictionless LPR/ANPR
Located in Riga, the capital of Latvia, Riga International Airport is the busiest and largest airport in the Baltic states with direct flights to more than 76 destinations. As the number of international travelers are almost at the same level as before the pandemic, the Hampton by Hilton Riga Airport hotel is also adapting to the fast-increasing passenger demand.
No Blind Spot In Sight: DivioTec 360° Multi-Sensor Camera
Cadcamatic is a high-tech mechatronics company from Belgium with extensive expertise in tailor-made mechatronics. With more than 20 years of experience, the company has grown and expand the production line and relocate into new office to cope with increasing demand. DivioTec’s state-of-the-art 360° multi-sensor IP panoramic cameras and solutions were featured in the new office parking area as essential parts of monitoring the building surrounding overview.
DivioTec NRP14162 Empowers Seaport Situation Room Operation Productivity
Kaohsiung port is the top 15 seaports in the world and the busiest seaport in Taiwan. With a handling capacity by 117 million TEU annually, the seaport is in full 24/7 operation and constantly receiving new missions.Therefore, it is really necessary for the seaport to have an efficient system to track and monitor the operations. The situation room can help the seaport operator to efficiently manage and monitor the seaport terminal operation.