Solution by technology

LightSolver ll engine features:

Looking for the best solution that guarantees your security? Whether it be dark areas, bright areas, or backlight situations, DivioTec's LightSolver can handle them all! LightSolver, DivioTec's line of network cameras, utilizes newly developed technologies to cope with severe lighting conditions.

Extreme WDR:

If you've taken photos in the harsh sunlight, you've probably noticed that those images exhibit extremely high contrast, characterized by ultra-bright blurs and dark shadow areas. DivioTec's Extreme WDR captures images clearly, eliminating excessive brightness without obscuring details in the dark. To achieve this end, our shutter enhancement technology combines multiple images, taken with different exposure times.

Ultra Low Light

In contrast to conventional cameras which deliver noisy images in dark conditions, DivioTec’s Ultra Low Light technology maintains colour information and continues to capture sharp images. The enhanced recognition and identification we provide is essential in low-light applications, such as construction sites, campuses, and parking lots.

Headlight Suppression

DivioTec’s headlight suppression technology captures crisp shots despite oncoming beams of light. We offer solutions to challenging reflective-plate identifications, facilitating license plate recognition.

Smart IR+

Smart IR+ is a technology that adjusts the intensity of infrared according to the distance of the object to avoid overexposure. For instance, when someone walks up to a 65 feet range camera without Smart IR+, their faces would often be white out. But with our Smart IR+ technology, we are able to promise high quality images even when the object is close up.

24hr Management of Lighting issue: 10-profile Smart Scheduling

Smart Scheduling is our unique solution for lighting issues. User can configure up to 10 profiles a day and create time-based schedules that change settings automatically.