Why Diviotec

DivioTec focuses on network video camera and video management hardware platform. We have experience in designing and manufacturing video and surveillance products for more than 20 years. Based on different applications, DivioTec offers highly customizable service and shares vertical market dominate know-how to efficiently reach project goal.

DivioTec is dedicated to enabling a smarter, safer world. We have partners in more than 65 countries around the world and thrive in creating win-win situation for our global partners. 

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Quality is our Mission

IP67 Weatherproof

Millitary grade hardware is designed to provide robustness and durability for challenging extreme weather environments.

Quality Assurance Procedure

Under a strict Quality Assurance System, producer design and reliability are controlled to support all critical solutions and ensure Total Quality Assuarnce(TQA)implementation for all DivioTec products and services.

Skilled R&D Team

Our experiences engineers are accustomed to tailor-made video product designs and deal with any challenges to make your solution a reality.

Our Core Technologies

LightSolver ll Plus
Especially overcome ultra low light, excessive contrast, bright streetlights, and vehicle headlight.By deploying the technology to overcome the limitations of the human eye on the frontend, DivioTec ensures that you miss nothing on the backend.
SmartCatch ll SoC
SmartCatch ll SoC is a powerful processor which helps export crisp, clear images of vehicles. Especially LPR Mode can isolate the number plate and provide high-contrast video.
SpeedCatch SoC
Include SmartCatch ll SoC features and overcome speed issues and capture clear image without compromise. It can avoid image distortion of high speed vehicle and support up to 250km/hr.

Adding the Eye in AIoT

DivioTec was founded at USA in 2013. In response to the rising trend of AIoT (AI & IoT),DivioTec aspires to become the Eye in AIoT with strong capabilities in video image analysis.
The video analytics, coupled with deep learning technologies, our exception management, and dashboard system, make it easier to gain the insights you need to better protect people and property and make informed decisions about your business and operations.
The company continues to strengthen technological development, achieve high-level system applications, integrate technologies, and more deeply satisfy user demands across different vertical markets.

CSR(Corporate Social Responsibilities) Program

Mar, 2016 The Bijisesawi Project in Indonesia strives to help mistreated women and children and offer them educationand temporary shelter.....Read More Mar, 2016 DivioTec worked with our partner in New Zealand, ChannelTen, to donate surveillance equipment to the school.....Read More
Mar, 2016 DivioTec cooperated with our Thai partner, Digitalcom, for the computer equipment donation project in a local school in Thailand.....Read More Mar, 2016 Led by Mr. Suwich, DivioTec joint our Thai partner, Digitalcom to refurbish the school in Ban Nong Wai Lao Khwan Dist......Read More