Solution by technology

SpeedCatch engine features:

Designed for capturing high-speed movement, DivioTec SpeedCatch technology ensures that every detail is captured without distortion. With minimal motion blur, and providing crystal-clear images even at high speeds, whether you’re capturing tracking number on conveyer belt, number plate on highway, say goodbye to blurry footage and hello to crystal clear sharp images!

Capture without distortion

Perfect for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) recognition purposes, the OCR camera delivers crystal-clear images without distortion, ensuring optimal accuracy and reliability for backend OCR software recognition applications. It support up to 250km/h speed and is the ultimate choice for flawless OCR solution.

Solve Light Flicker

Traditional cameras often struggle with capturing video in environments with varying lighting conditions, resulting in flickering or strobing effects that can degrade image quality and affect video analysis. However, the SpeedCatch SoC overcomes this issue with its advanced sensor and image processing capabilities, which effectively eliminate flickering caused by artificial lighting, such as fluorescent lights or LED lights. This camera ensures that your video recordings are smooth, consistent, and flicker-free, providing accurate and reliable surveillance footage for critical applications.

Diverse Capturing Distance

DivioTec offers lens options that provide exceptional clarity and detail even from extreme distances. With its versatile lens options and long-range capture capabilities, we support distance up to 150 meters and is the ultimate solution for capturing distant subjects with matched clarity and detail.