No Blind Spot In Sight: DivioTec 360° Multi-Sensor Camera


Cadcamatic is a high-tech mechatronics company from Belgium with extensive expertise in tailor-made mechatronics. With more than 20 years of experience, the company has grown and expand the production line and relocate into new office to cope with increasing demand. DivioTec’s state-of-the-art 360° multi-sensor IP panoramic cameras and solutions were featured in the new office parking area as essential parts of monitoring the building surrounding overview.

Make Installation Easy with Remote Positioning
Forget the tedious, manual configurations associated with traditional multi-sensor cameras. Installed at 9 meters height, Diviotec NMP881 features remote manager button to easily change the viewing angle 360°/270° or customized angle anytime with one single click. The simplicity of clicking remote button to adjust the viewing angle and pre-configured setting save both time for installers and money for end users. It can also quickly focus and position the camera remotely without the need to adjust the camera on the ladder.

No Blind Spot with Flexible Fields of View
The DivioTec NMP881 offers independent PTZ functionality each sensor for fast, simple configuration. It can capture wide coverage up to 1.5 km distance and zoom in 3 times the size of the object with clear details. It easily capture moving objects throughout the day and night time, delivering comprehensive coverage and forensic detail all without the need of an operator.

Available in 20 MP or 32 MP of Exceptional Resolution
Diviotec Multi Sensor Camera delivers superior image quality and reduces overall system cost by covering large areas with fewer cameras with outstanding clarity. The camera is available in 32 megapixels (up to 8 megapixels each camera) and 20 megapixels (up to 5 megapixels each camera). Therefore at a distance, users are able to see more “information,” and can identify details from further away, especially when the camera’s digital zoom is in play.

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