Increase Accuracy -Solution by application

Increase Accuracy

High Contrast Improve Accuracy

SmartCatch ll™ SoC LPR Mode isolates number plate and filters out the complicated background at night time, providing easy recognizable images for software analysis.

Easy Recognizable Black and White Image

Diviotec Two Value Converter converts the images to black and white to increase the recognition rate for LPR software. It turns dark area into black and grey area into white to highlighted the alphanumeric characters from the background.

Overcome 24 Hour Different Lighting Condition

DivioTec Profile Management function provides 10 independent user-defined camera profile setting. It allows flexible camera profile schedule to meet 24/7 variation in lighting condition and capture clear license plates at all time.

Illumination for All Car Plates

Diviotec offers infrared and white LED option illuminations to meet the demand of capturing clear license plates in all environments and car plate types. For example,on non-reflective and hybrid plates senarios, we recommend white LED illumination option.

Support up to 200 km/h Speed

DivioTec LPR/ANPR network camera is designed to capture clear car plates on moving vehicle at up to 200 km/h (124 mile/h) speed. It is ideal for highway and city surveillance application.

High Visibility in Foggy Scenes

The defog technology enables the camera to cut through deep fog, dust, and smoke to recover color images from foggy video stream. The more qualified images greatly enhance the plate recognition accuracy.

High Accuracy in Rainy Condition

DivioTec LPR/ANPR network camera ensures crisp and clear images even in heavy rain.