Easy Setup-Solution by application

Easy Setup

Embedded Alarm Input Output

Diviotec cameras are embedded with alarm input and output ports. It can be used to trigger local parking devices and sensors to fit difficult installation requirements.

Easy Remote Set Up Lens

DivioTec Remote Zoom Lens Adjustment allows remote control of focus and zoom functions through the web interface. It significantly reduces the installation workload and danger.

User-defined Day/Night Switch Illumination Threshold

Conventional camera Day/ Night switch is adjusted by time scheduling. However, the day to day sunset/ sunrise time can be different. DivioTec LPR/ANPR network camera allows users to adjust day/night switch based on user-defined illumination threshold.

Measure Precise Plate Pixel

DivioTec built-in Pixel Counter enables users to measure the car plate size with a click of drag-and-drop box in camera’s live view. It allows users to quick meet LPR/ANPR software recognition requirements when setting up the camera.

One-Click Smart Camera Setting

With four preset modes with optimized configuration in accordance with different car speed and traffic settings, DivioTec One-Click Smart Camera Setting helps installers easily set up the camera and achieve the best capture result in commonly used scenarios including: city surveillance, parking lot, toll station, and highway.